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Deer Flipper


PC & Mac


iOS & Android - Future Consideration



Deer Flipper is a top-down puzzle game which sets the main character Philippa in a bizzare land taken over by Space Deer with one skill under her belt: the ability to FLIP.

Flip your way to victory through challenging puzzles involving: switches, flippers, exploding deer, ghosts, and much more. Then create your own!


The concept of Deer Flipper started in a game jam called GTMK 2019 where the restriction was to only have one move. The reaction was positive, and the goal to bring it to market seemed very possible.

Remininiscing back to a couple of my favourite Gameboy games as a child: The Legend of Zelda: A Link To The Past and Mole Mania, this game aims to bring the puzzle experience back for another ride.


Deer Flip Deerdre
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Bomb Mechanics
Water Mechanics
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Deer Flipper
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Deer Flip Games Logo

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Maytch - Matthew Hall - Programming, Design, Marketing, Art

davekingcool - N/A - Audio and Sound FX